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What is a BCB?

Bradley Construction Blanks, also known as “BCBs”, were born out of 25 plus years of frustration from a self employed electrician that was tired of continually fixing and finding his outlet and switch boxes that were damaged or covered over by sheet rock installers.  The damage was not intentional, but the fact was, it was still a real problem. BCBs solve these and many other problems in an easy to use and cost effective manner.  BCBs are designed to be used by every electrician that wants the job done right the first time.  The electricians that have used them; consistently say they will not do another project without BCBs.

BCBs are constructed out of galvanized steel and have a simple but effective design.  Galvanized steel was chosen to prevent any rust or discoloration to the wall finish and the strength and design of the thin plate allows the BCBs to be overlapped (gangable), this means multiple plates can be used on a two, three, or four gang electrical box, it’s simple, one plate design for all applications. Another great feature is, BCBs that have been covered over by sheet rock can be easily found using an ordinary magnet!  How many times have you walked into a room knowing that some where on that finished and painted wall there is an outlet or switch box?  

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